Beautiful woodland along the Strawberry Line

Selected Comments

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave their often passionate comments on the petition form.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to see the Strawberry Line expanded. Clearly the current connection between Wells and Cheddar for cyclists, particularly those with families are unacceptable. The road is narrow and dangerous connecting the two. This is such a key arterial route that there must be a safe connection. A cycle route between the two would be a real jewel in the crown of this part of Somerset.
T.C., Cheddar
This would be life changing for my family... My husband is a wheelchair user and we have 3 young children. Please, please make this happen.
K.J., Wells
Isn't it about time this work was started???
G.N., Wells
Westbury-sub-Mendip desperately needs to be connected to the proposed extension of the Strawberry Line. There are a lot of keen cyclists here who take their lives in their hands every time they attempt to cycle out of the village.
P.M., Westbury-sub-Mendip
I care for my grandchildren weekly in Easton and this would enable us to be less dependent on the car for school trips twice a day.
A.W., Cardiff
My friend was seriously injured getting hit off her bike by a car and we definitely need more cycle paths, it's safer, greener for environment not to mention helping get children fitter.
D.R., Wells
Very surprised to see the lack of activity from local authorities. Is this not exactly the type of project which meets the demands of locals and tourists, enhances the local environment and creates business opportunities? Can someone confirm which local authority personnel have taken the time to visit the areas in question to fully understand the benefits?
S.H., Cheddar
All those who wants us to get fit and leave the car behind - This is what we need. For once listen to people!
K.S., Glastonbury
The Strawberry Line in its current form has been an amazing success right from the start and is extremely well used by cyclists and walkers. Cyclists particularly come from outside the area to cycle along Sustrans route 26. Increasing the distance can only improve its popularity and would create a much safer cycle route from Cheddar to Wells in particular. My husband and I would certainly cycle along it. Cycling, walking and generally being outdoors have all proven to be good for our physical and mental health and are being promoted by the government. Please enable the extension of this wonderful route.
G.R., Claverham
Hi, I am a cub leader in Clevedon and would love the line extended.
K. F., Clevedon
Everybody wins by introducing the link; local business, local community, tourists, while encouraging people to cycle safely in the Somerset countryside. It may even save lives.
B.D., Wells
I'm amazed that speculative building can be given planning permission without any need for consideration of financial viability, but a most important asset to numerous local communities is stalled on such a flimsy excuse.
J.P., Highbridge
Most Parish Councils along the route are now committed,what is stopping SCC? There is no valid reason for not submitting the Planning Application. Once planning is approved the Interested bodies would secure the necessary funds.
R.A., Wells
I believe this should be viewed as being essential to the area rather than a "nice-to-have". The road infrastructure seems to be the last thing on planners' minds when they pass plans for new housing developments and light industrial units in Somerset.
H.I., Shepton Mallet
Often guest of my sister in Wells, would love Strawberry line!
C.B., Rome (Italy)
This is a very strange, yet recognizeable situation. I'm part of an action group campaigning for a cycle path in west oxfordshire and the county council is also reluctant to take action. Best of luck and don't give up!
M.H., Woodstock
Absolutely necessary! Total lack of safe biking and traffic free buggy-friendly routes around Wells.
S.P., Wells
I live in Wells and work in Shepton Mallet where we have a small business that employs 11 people. I am a keen runner and cyclist and would love to be able to cycle to work but the road from Wells to Shepton is just too narrow, busy and frankly dangerous. I also have two daughters aged 5 and 3. They are also keen to ride bikes but the safe riding areas nearby are very few, small and disconnected. The route would be perfect for them too. If the Strawberry Line connected Wells I think it would honestly change our lives.
B.T., Shepton Mallet
The existing Strawberry Line is heavily used all year round and loved by locals and tourists. Extending it is just common sense with the benefits it would bring.
J.A., Easton
Please please help. Our lanes in Somerset are becoming very dangerous and we really need a safe place to ride. Just think how exciting it would be to have the complete Strawberry Line for our safe recreation. I think the people of Somerset deserve this consideration as much as visitors.
G.C., Radstock
It would seem very shortsighted to leave this gathering dust on a shelf, where is the leadership and vision?
D.C., Burnham-on-Sea
I find the access to a decent cycle path from Wells very difficult and restricting and dangerous. Cycling and car traffic do not sit well with each other. I also work as a volunteer at our local visitor information centre and find the lack cycle rides to offer and recommend to our visitors very frustrating.
W.B., Wells
PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! COME ON, Somerset! Let's wake up.
J.M., Cheddar
It's ridiculous that the Association needs to prove funds are in place for the whole scheme. If I were to apply for planning approval to build an extension to my home I would not need to prove I have the financial ability to pay for the work at the time of an application.
T.D., Langford
Cyclists and motor cars are a lethal combination as a colleague of mine found out when he was killed cycling to work.
M.G., Clevedon
Our children are always criticised for not being active enough open up the rest of the Strawberry Line to make it easy and safe for us all to take on more exercise.
J.E., Burnham-on-Sea
I own a holiday cottage on the Mendips and an increasing number of visitors want to cycle. The A371 is a a hostile place for cyclists. The Strawberry Line path would increase tourism in this area boosting job in the locality.
E.F., Westbury-sub-Mendip
My son has almost been knocked off his bike on several occasions when cycling between Wookey Hole and Cheddar and now refuses to make this journey by bike. A cycle path is essential for safety and to encourage more peopel out of their cars and onto their bikes.
N.D., Wookey Hole
I think this is a brilliant project, and being part of the Ramblers Association, I feel it would really put Somerset on the map, and create so much joy for us walkers!!
B.W., Shepton Mallet
On behalf of the mothers I have seen who have to push babies and small children along the road through Draycott and Rodney Stoke. A life-threatening undertaking!
G.C., Wells
The sooner this imperative route is completed the better for all in this area. Get off your backsides SCC and get things moving, if you want an agreed greener environment do something positive about it.
J.L., Axbridge
Come on Somerset. We need more tourists & income here. This will help. Certainly the publicity if it opens will draw people to our beautiful county.
P.D., Weston-super-Mare